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Tisdag 12/3-2019

08:30 – 09:30

> Registrering, mingel och fika

09:30 – 10:00

> Öppning av konferensen, information

Jennie Bergström, sekreterare FTI
10.00 – 10.50

> Key Note Speaker – Projektet Begriplig text – Vad som gör texter enkla att läsa och förstå

 Ester Hedberg

”Vad gör egentligen en text begriplig?
Begriplig text är ett treårigt arvsfondsprojekt som tar reda på vad som gör texter begripliga. Det gör de genom att låta personer med olika kognitiva svårigheter komma till tals. Bakom projektet står Dyslexiförbundet. Afasiförbundet, Autism- och Aspergerförbundet och FUB – för barn, unga och vuxna med utvecklingsstörning. Torbjörn Lundgren och Ester Hedberg från Begriplig text delar med sig av erfarenheter från projektet och presenterar resultat.

Torbjörn Lundgren är författare som fokuserat på läs- och skrivsvårigheter/dyslexi, språk och tänkande. Han har själv dyslexi. Han är sakkunnig i Begriplig text.

Ester Hedberg är journalist i botten och har varit redaktör för Dyslexiförbundets tidning Läs&Skriv i många år. Nu är hon projektledare för Begriplig text.”

10.50 – 11.00

> Presentation av huvudsponsor

11.00 – 11.45

> Maskindirektivet

Larry Falk/Prekam



> Lunch och öppning av utställning

13.00 – 13.45

> Track 1: IEC820279 (Held in english) 

Dr. Claudia Klumpp, Tekom

What’s New? The IEC/IEEE 82079-1 Revised – What You Should Know about the Upcoming New Version?
IEC/IEEE 82079-1 Ed.2 will be published in March 2019. It’s time to get to know the new version.
The new version not only has a new title but a completely new concept of “information for use”. This version has additions referring to the delivery of information for use in electronic form and is also presented in a different structure. The information management process has become a normative part of the standard. This means that claiming conformity is not only possible for the information product but for the information management process as well. Now, information on professional competencies can also be found as part of the standard. The presentation gives an overview on the upcoming standard. You will get an idea of how to work with the new version and how processes can be aligned with the requirements.

Claudia Klumpp graduated in law and business administration. After working several years as a lawyer and legal consultant, she joined the professional associations tekom Deutschland and the European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe in 2013. She is in charge of the standardization work of these two associations on both, the national and international levels. Furthermore, she gives lectures on legal and normative requirements on technical communication for students at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

13.00 – 13.45

> Track 2: How AI can help you to get from Content-Delivery to bi-directional Content-Engagement(Held in english) 


Jörg Schmidt

Modern content delivery platforms enable direct feedback from end users and with that, quality and fit for purpose of documentation can be massively improved. But in global and multilingual environments, this creates new challenges because the existing translation processes often are not suitable to handle this kind of user generated content.

In this presentation you will learn:
– How modern dynamic delivery platforms enable direct feedback from reviewers or customers
– Why this is a challenge in multilingual environments
– How AI driven machine translation can help to overcome this challenge

Jörg Schmidt has more than 15 years of experience as technical consultant, account and project manager for XML based content management systems in industries like automotive, aerospace & defense, life sciences and manufacturing. Since 2013 he is working as solution architect for SDL’s structured content management solutions.

13.45 – 14.30

> Track 1: Industry 4.0 (Held in english)

 Michael Fritz, tekom


13.45 – 14.30

> Track 2: Setting a standard for intelligent content iiRDS 

Ulrike Parson /Tekom

Smart factories and the Internet of Things require intelligent content that humans and machines can understand alike. For this, we need to design fine-granular content that is enriched with metadata for context-aware use.
Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are based on the idea that plants, devices, and components connect intelligently with each other. But how can we connect device and software documentation content from different manufacturers? They use different terms, different levels of content granularity, and different metadata. This is where iiRDS, the new standard for the delivery of intelligent content, comes into play. It aims to standardize the metadata that we deliver together with our documentation to make the content semantically accessible.

See http://iirds.org


Ulrike Parson is the founder and CEO of parson AG. The company is based in Hamburg and is specialized in technical communication, knowledge management, and consulting. Ulrike’s areas of expertise are content strategy, intelligent content, and developer documentation. Ulrike was a member of the initial iiRDS working group and is currently an acting member of the iiRDS Steering Committee.


 > Fika och utställning

15.00 – 15.45

> The future for technical information – Paneldebatt (Held in English)






> FTI årsmöte 

> Bubbel och mingel

> Middag

 Onsdag 13/3-2019

09:30 – 11:45

 > Course 1: Workshop, arbeta med att dokumentera mjukvara

Gunilla Svanfeldt

Syftet med workshopen är att teknikinformatörer får utbyta erfarenheter kring att arbeta med teknisk dokumentation för (renodlad) mjukvara, i synnerhet på mindre företag (startups).
Förhoppningsvis finns några bra fallstudier och folk med erfarenhet av olika situationer som kan uppstå och tänkbara lösningar.
Under workshopen diskuterar vi både processer, verktyg och dokumenttyper. Kanske kan vi sammanställa till ett bra material och sprida information och få igång en ännu större diskussion?

09:30 – 11:45

 > Course 2: Workshop, arbeta med XML

Boo Engstrand


09:30 – 11:45

 > Course 3: Workshop, arbeta med teknisk illustration

 Nick Lindblom


10.30 – 10.45

 > Fika och utställning


 > Lunch och utställning

13.00 – 13.45

 > AI enabling smart-information in aftermarket

Gary Manders

Gary moved to Sweden in 1992 from the UK to perform post-doctoral research at the Swedish University of Agriculture. Already sensing then a Brexit vote would be on the horizon some twenty-three years later, he decided not to return. Gary later left academic research behind to pursue a career in communication, beginning as a technical writer in a small agency in Uppsala and where he soon became one of the partners. His work progressed into symposia coverage, copywriting, project leading, and then marketing consulting after completing an MBA at Uppsala University in 2002. In 2008 the company was sold to an international Finnish-owned technical information company, where Gary was the global director for Life Science business area and also had a position on the Group Executive Board. Gary’s portfolio grew over the years, and culminated in the managing director position in Sweden in 2013.

In 2015, Gary joined the Swiss-owned STAR Group as the managing director for Scandinavia. STAR Group is one of the world’s leading global information and translation companies, with key competence in AI-driven technical information production and management. In March 2108, Gary was elected onto the Board at FTI. In his talk, Gary will discuss how AI can be used to repurpose technical information from several sources into dynamic maintenance and diagnostic services in the Aftermarket environment.

13.45 – 14.30

 > To be updated


 > Utställning

15.00 – 15.30

 > Summering och slutord

 Boo Engstrand, ordförande FTI